“Nikolas is a real team player. He always goes above and beyond in everything he does. It’s a true joy working with him and his son. I have never had a need to question what he’s doing or why he’s doing it; he is completely sincere, and that’s a rare thing nowadays.

The quality of their work is great and they are constantly available by phone, email, sometimes several times a day. Nikolas wants everyone to succeed and he genuinely wants you to be happy, too. Nothing is ever an issue with Nikolas; he always has a problem-solving mentality and a great attitude in dealing with people.”

Antonio Toro, owner’s representative for the oceanfront mansion at 957 Hillsboro Mile, Hillsboro Beach, Florida

“I was introduced to Arvani Building Works, LLC by V3 Architectural Group and contacted a reference provided and known as well by a mutual friend who gave Nikolas Arvanitopoulos a glowing report. Nikolas understands high quality and did an amazing job exceeding my expectations.

I deal with builders routinely and cannot recommend them strongly enough for their ethics and dedication to their client.”

Bruce G. Meltzer
- Miami Beach

“Nikolas insisted on employing the most skillful subcontractors and tradesmen, and utilizing only the highest quality products.”

Steven and Melissa Chaykin
- Miami Beach

Gallery 06

“Nikolas keeps his word. If he says he’s going to take care of something, he does it. I can count on him to be fast, efficient, and ethical. He goes the extra mile to get the job done well, and quickly.”

Mr. and Mrs. Sid Feltenstein
-Miami Beac

“Nikolas is a very able contractor. He consistently does an excellent job of translating my architectural plans into reality. He’s also a ‘people-person’ who listens, understands, and is responsive to the clients needs.”

Charles Harrison Pawley, architect
- Fellow, American Institute
of Architects

“Nikolas had barely finished remodeling our home when along came Hurricane Andrew and destroyed everything. Starting from scratch, he came back and completed a major renovation. He stuck with us through a very difficult time. Even after my husband died suddenly two years ago, he remained kind, sincere, and supportive. To this day, he still helps me out with the house.”

A Hammock Oaks resident
- Coral Gables

“One of his greatest virtues is that he’s very accommodating in wanting to please the client or solve a problem. At each job where we’ve worked together, he would drop whatever he was doing to accommodate the client’s needs.”

Zeke F. Fernandez, interior designer
- The Howard Design Group, Inc.

Gallery 09

“Nikolas is creative and has good design ideas. He spends the time we need to get the job done properly.”

Dr. and Mrs. Hosain Daee
- South Miami

“Nikolas is always advocating for the homeowner. For example, I needed specific measurements for my garage and he worked with different engineers and other people to solve the problem of creating a lift for my garage. Other developers would have tried to get me to compromise or tell me that what I wanted could not be done, but Nikolas is always looking for ways to get you what you want, always looking to solve the problem; he makes things happen. He’s always giving me ideas for things that can be done, often at less cost, too. He gives me alternatives that don’t sacrifice quality, but that sometimes save me money.

It’s hard to quantify a person’s trust, but I love that Nikolas is very family-oriented. He and his sons catch things that I don’t catch. Other builders sometimes don’t even show up at the site, but this guy is there, really looking out for me. Mine is a large, pretty high-profile project, so I’d rather make sure everything is done right the first time. Nikolas and his sons are involved in every step of the project and I love that they put their hearts into it. You gain trust when you see that they’re on-site, with such attention to detail.”

Owner of the new oceanfront mansion at 957 Hillsboro Mile, Hillsboro Beach, Florida


“Robert Wade and Associates, PA, an architectural and interior design firm, has had the pleasure of working with Nikolas L. Arvanitoupoulos for a number of years on various multi-million dollar luxury projects. Our firm has received many design awards. We associate only with those very few top-of-the-line contractors who meet Our high standards of excellence. Nikolas L. Arvanitoupoulos, president of Arvani Building Works, LLC, meets those standards.

Since we design only luxurious, expensive, high-end properties, it is very important to us that we work with contractors who have a large organization, financially stable and a Scope of resources to handle the volume of work that we commission to them, and who are able to complete those projects on time and within the budget. Nikolas has met those requirements many times.”

Robert C Wade, AIA
- Robert C Wade and Associates, PA

“Nikolas is a very trustworthy person. My House was safe in his hands. I knew I could go to work and trust that he would have everything under control.”

Deanne Glisson
- Coconut Grove

Gallery 01 copy

“What impresses me the most is that when Nikolas makes a promise, he always fulfills it. We could count on his prices and were completely satisfied with his work. We never had a problem with him. He is very organized, and completely honest in everything he does.”

Dr. and Mrs. Luis Ortega
- Cocoplum, Coral Gables

“What stood out in my experience with Nikolas was his ability to take care of problems on-site and handle situations well. He was very cool-headed and on top of things, making sure everyone did their jobs. I also appreciated his persistence and ability to meet our opening deadline.”

Bob Consolo, Jr., Owner
- Stella Blue Bar & Grill
South Miami Beach

“I got Nikolas’s name and number from someone in my building. Right from the beginning, Nikolas was a gentleman. He definitely knows construction! He had his son working with him at the time and they both were very nice to work with and knew their stuff. I was in pretty decent contact with them; he was a consistent communicator, always letting me know what was going on. Overall, it was a good experience and if I was building, I would definitely use him again.”

Alan Jaffa

“Please accept this letter as my highest recommendation of ARVANI BUILDING WORKS as a general contractor.

Throughout the course of the renovation, Mr. Arvanitopoulos was a consummate professional. He was accurate in his initial assessment of the scale and cost of our project. He was absolutely clear in his record keeping and time log. He chose and managed the sub-contractors well.”

Alexander Sherman
- Coral Gables

“As Architects and Interior Designers, we set very high standards for our Designs. We expect the same from the Contractors and Consultants we recommend and expect them to provide our Clients with great customer service. The quality and customer service his team provides always meets or exceeds our expectations. We can always rely on Nikolas to guide our Clients in the right direction at all stages of our projects.”

Jose A. Vidal, AIA. LEED AP
- V3 Architectural Group

Gallery 08

“Nikolas is one of the most professional contractors I’ve ever worked with. He has very high standards. He becomes very committed to the job and to the client, determined that their best interests are met.”

Zeke F. Fernandez, interior designer
- The Howard Design Group, Inc.

“Nikolas provides excellent workmanship. He’s very experienced and the people he hires are top quality. The fact that he hires such good people, stays on top of them and gets the job done on schedule really makes him an exceptional builder.”

Tony and Paula Romeo,
- Cocoplum, Coral Gables

“We met Nikolas through a client of ours and we were so impressed, we recommended him for other jobs. It’s hard to find a reliable professional like Nikolas. He’s a problem-solver who works with us to find solutions when problems arise.”

Jose Pereda
-Sam Robin Interior Design

“The quality of Nikolas’ work is excellent. I was so happy with him that I’ve re-hired him to do another project for us.”

Deanne Glisson
- Coconut Grove


“Nikolas is an exemplary human being who is dedicated to excellence.”

Diane S. Sepler
- Diane S. Sepler Interiors, Inc.

We invite you to read testimonials from our many satisfied clients and industry partners.